Mark & Briohny's Annual Christmas Gift Guide 2021
  • Sunflower eco bubble wand.

    Recommended by Joy

  • Sewing pin earings in porcelain and silver.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Kooky Cats is a card game in which you collect all sorts of weird and beautifully illustrated cats. Apparently it's like Happy Familiies, which is pleasing; we played that as kids. It's on Kickstarter, so I'm not quite sure whether they'll deliver in time for Christmas.

  • I'm probably too risk adverse for this book. But if you are a braver and better parent, this kids' guide to foraging is beautiful and fun. Check it out.

  • Ceramic espresso mugs by takeawei.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Very fancy olive oil. This one's made by the fourth-generation Muraglia family, packaed in ceramic, decorated by local Italian artists. I think they'd get value from this bottle long after the oil has been used. I also really like this Frantoio Muraglia Magnum rainbow olive oil, which you can get from CostCo, but it's even more expensive.

  • Wooden dinosaurs with built-in magnets.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Martha Jean moth earrings.

    Recommended by Clare and Briohny

  • Plum and Woo is a mystery novel for kids. The duo investigate a surprising and sinister fashion mystery.

    Recommended by Posy

  • Hadmade ceramic paint palette by Krissy Stephens.

    Recommended by Joy

  • The best non-fiction book I read this year: Metazoa by Peter Godfrey Smith. Made me reconsider many previously conceived ideas about thoughts in the animal world.

  • Bottle of ready-to-pour Rosella Sour cocktail by Archie Rose. Dry Gin with hibiscus, strawberry, coconut cream and a hint of pineapple. Summer times.

  • Wheat straw boatset for bathtime fun.

  • Put some Mike's Hoy Honey in their stocking, and then ask if you can drizzle some over your pizza crusts.

  • The Arturia Minilab for those getting into music production. It's a feature-packed controller that will give then easy desktop access to the sounds in their virtual studio.

  • The Chef's Press, by Bruce Hill, and as seen on every YouTube cooking channel, keeps food on the pan, to maximise surface area, and achieve better browning. Please and thank you.

  • Excercise resistence bands - maybe these ones by June and Juniper , but I don't know.

  • Azul is a beautiful tile-building strategy game.

    Recommended by Lisa

  • Henry wagon by Mocka.

  • Plants in pots – from Milton's new Plant Bunker, or wherever.

  • Kabuto Sumo is a board game with a refreshing coin-pushing mechanic. Players are beetle wrestlers who try to push each other out of the ring.

  • Ashortwalk Eco Bird Feeder. Put unwanted food to a nice use. Simple, eco, and cheap.

  • A cooking class at the Golden Pig (in Bris, but I'm sure you'll there will be something wherever you are). I quite like the sound of "Flavours of Spain and Portugal."

  • <

    Mini orbital hair pin by Favor jewellery.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • For folks who fancy they are good with words and colours, Hues and Cues. There are 480 shades of colour on the board. You have to use words that will help people guess one specific shade.

  • This is the chess set typically used in school and junior tournaments. It's not ornate, but I don't actually think you want a beautiful chess set; you want a really functional chess set. This one is clear and simple, and the double-weighted pieces feel nice in the hand. The letters and numbers are essential for kiddos who want to learn some good chess theory. I don't like the green, but you can get it in black and white.

  • On a site called Cameo, you can get Sarah Palin to make a personalised message for someone. Stay with me. For the right person, and with the right message, I think that would be funny enough to be worth it. There are also plenty of other celebs who will also do messages – many of them more likeable and cheaper.

  • Mushroom eco cutter – a stocking filler for kids that play with dough.

    Recommended by Joy

  • Origami paper is a fun stocking stuffer.

  • Leather scissor wrap my Merchant and Mills. Holds a collection of high quality scissors for all sorts of household purposes. Not cheap! Blame Briohny.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • A Table is a French cookbook by Rebekah Peppler.

  • Sunprint kit for curious and creative kids

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Cheryl Orsini of children's book illustration fame also does really cool little illustrations of foods and drinks. I believe you can can request custom illustrations - so you could choose one or two that you know they love to drink or cook with.

  • Climbing holds by Australian maker, Uncarved Block. Fun!

  • I was given some Cheese Therapy boxes earlier this year. Queensland business. So good. The marinated baby figs by Far Meadows Lodge were top-10-things-I've-ever-tasted.

  • Skipping rope with recycled mill bobbins for handles.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Le Petit Chef is a real knife designed to protect little fingers learning to do proper kitchen cutting.

  • This decoder ring might be a fun stocking filler for a young budding spy. I suppose you need two?

  • Sista & Co fan– might go top-to-bottom in a grown-up stocking.

  • Amor Towles' new book, The Lincoln Highway. Sure to be excellent. I just downloaded it on Audible. Will let you know.

  • Water colour painting for absolute beginners. Live streamed class. They send you materials.

  • handmade leather bags, made in Brissie. Optional monogramming, for extra brownie points.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • A djembe, for when they're jamming with friends.

  • Bon maxie earring holder - great for your teen's unruly collection.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Echoes is an audio mystery game. You can play solo, or with others. Could be a hit on Boxing Day night, with leftover fruit mince pies, cousins, and a whisky sour.

  • Hey, Mark, what would you like in your stocking? Cascabel chillis, please!

  • Abi and Joseph women's gymwear. Australian activewear for running, gym, pilates and yoga. Designed by a ballet dancer with excellent coverage and pockets for your phone/keys.

    Recommended by Lisa

  • Raskol gymwear. I mean, I wouldn't wear it, but Tom is ripped and he would know, and this was...

    Recommended by Tom

  • Ash handled secateurs.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Watch by Kid Cove.

  • Bendy bucket set for sandy, watery, summer creations.

  • Reversible retro inspired broad brim hats by Kiss My Patootie.

    Recommended by Lisa

  • Shibori boat vase by Australian ceramic designer, Erin Lightfoot.

    Designer recommended by Lisa

  • Condiment dishes by the Seasonal Ceramicist.

  • A game from this list of the best PC games of 2021. The pic is from Flight Sim, but there's something for everyone.

  • Waveplay rashie by Doops Designs.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Numero74 hoop embroidery kit.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • 1000-piece fairy-bread jigsaw puzzle by Brisbane-based One but Many Puzzles.

  • Wooden lego desk furniture by Room Copenhagen.

  • Briohny bought me this mojo sauce by Church Farm. Strongly recommend. Enjoy it on your tacos.

  • Australia map puzzle, made locally by Wattle and Wildflower.

    Recommended by Melissa

  • Rope bowls by Miss Mollee Designs, made in NSW.

    Recommended by Melissa

  • Bonnie and Neil Sunny table cloth in blue.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Riedel Ouverture Magnum glasses - sturdy and posh - used by many nice restaurants.

    Recommended by Jack

  • Citrus juicer, handmade in Mullumbimby.

    Recommended by Briohny

  • Klask - use magnets to push a ball into the goal, but beware of falling in yourself

    Recommended by Daniel

  • Hand-dyed ombre rope lead for someone with a fancy pooch.

    Recommended by Briohny

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